About VeinSolutions

VeinSolutions was started in Indianapolis, Indiana by a group of vascular surgeons from CorVasc MD’s to enhance their already busy arterial practice. Shortly after forming VeinSolutions in 1996, a group of vascular surgeons in Columbus, Ohio came to visit our office to learn how they could open their own vein practice. They loved our concept, but realized they didn’t have the time or energy it takes to start their own practice so they asked if an arrangement could be made for us to put together a VeinSolutions office for them. From this humble beginning, VeinSolutions was born, and we are proud to say there are now fourteen VeinSolutions offices throughout the country with more on the horizon. 


VeinSolutions offices have become synonymous with quality vein care for varicose veins, spider veins and facial veins and all the offices are staffed by board certified, fellowship-trained vascular or cardiovascular surgeons. Our goal is to offer you premier quality medical care, both therapeutically and cosmetically from the most experienced and knowledgeable physicians in the business. VeinSolutions has set a standard for vein care that is unmatched.