VeinSolutions: Gainesville, GA

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VeinSolutions is a division of Surgical Specialists of Georgia, P.C., a nationally recognized vein clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins.  Our three surgeons have over 65 years of combined surgical experience in vascular and general surgery. 


VeinSolutions offers comprehensive diagnostic testing at our on-site vascular lab. This provides valuable information regarding the underlying cause of your vein problems.  With this information, our physicians are better able to address your specific needs. 


Our practice delivers innovative and personalized care for all your vein problems. We offer injection therapy for spider veins as well as minimally invasive laser therapy options for varicose veins. We customize treatments to address the individual needs of each patient.


At VeinSolutions, you will receive a complimentary vein evaluation by a board-certified surgeon.  We know choosing the right doctor can make all the difference…and part of what makes VeinSolutions unique is that you will receive all your vein treatments by a physician.


“Our philosophy is to provide you with the best medical and cosmetic treatment available, while ensuring you are cared for with dignity and respect in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.” – Dan Procter, MD 


In addition to vein therapy, VeinSolutions offers other cosmetic services. It is the best of both worlds: outstanding medical expertise combined with a spa-like environment that promotes a sense of calm and well-being.